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Better Developer Documentation

It is frustrating navigating the developer documentation. In our case, specifically for React custom components. Generally, the docs are hard to navigate and seem to change depending on the page. This is definitely one of the biggest frustrations ...
Will Simons about 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 3 Shipped

Dark mode

Add a Dark mode for the Builder editor, and a way to toggle it on/off
Sami over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Better Image Upload Management

Add a menu link where users can view/add/remove their uploaded images. I've had a few requests for this from customers. Currently the only way to access uploaded photos is by clicking on an image on your page > Choose Photo > Your Recent Pho...
AJ over 1 year ago in  1 Shipped

Improve discoverability of code components

It's hard to determine what custom component to pick. Utilizing folder hierarchies or thumbnails for the component could help improve on the decision making process there.
Guest over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Name added to title on tabs

Instead of every tab showing Drag and drop page builder and CMS Have it instead show the name of the page that you are editing. It is a small thing but if you have 4 tabs open it could really help.
Guest over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 3 Shipped

Bug: Typography <select> font color in dark mode

Currently the select's font color is black even when in dark mode, so it looks like this:
Guest 6 months ago in Visual Editor 2 Shipped

Preview custom component before drag and drop it

Add a custom component preview on mouse hover before drag and drop it.
Guest about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Allow manual update of the JSON content

It would be really useful to allow for the JSON of a page to be updated. I needed to rename some of my components, and the only way to do this in the Visual Editor is to remove and add the component back to the page Need to change these custom-ale...
Alex Patterson about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 2 Shipped

Custom feeds returned in the qwik api response

It would be great if the qwik api would return the custom fields of a page in the json response the same way that they are returned in the html api and content api
Vincent Perrin over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 2 Shipped

Button to reset image's intrinsic aspect ratio

A button that resets an image's aspect ratio to its intrinsic aspect ratio. Would be helpful when replacing an image inside of an image block that has a different aspect ratio, then the aspect ratio gets messed up and there's no way to get it righ...
Ersin over 1 year ago in  1 Shipped