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Unique Content for Selected Variants in Product Boxes

The ability for content to be associated with each variant in a product box, so when a user clicks a variant, the thumbnail, price description, etc can update.
Guest over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Undo/Redo Option for full screen editing

I often use full screen editing to adjust my designs to larger screen sizes. Sometimes things have to be adjusted and so I start editing elements and values in full screen mode. Of course not everything I do is correct the first time I try. Unfort...
Guest over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Support emojis in RTE

No description provided
AJ over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Return modelName with content API response

There are many cases where you might want to know the model name for a given Builder content item JSON. For example, if you have a function that takes some kind of Builder content item as input, then formats links one way or another based on wheth...
Ersin over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

Allow buttons to accept inline children

The button block currently doesn't allow for child elements. I understand the reasoning: only inline elements can be children of `<button>`, so maybe it's easier just to prevent any children. However, a common use case is when you want to cr...
Ersin Akinci over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow direct data binding to custom content fields

According to, there's a way to directly data bind to custom content fields. Would be nice to have a UI for it! Just add fields of the same type to the dropdown menu that ...
Ersin Akinci over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Link to Builder space

I work on projects for multiple Builder customers who each have their own space, sometimes multiple spaces. It would be very helpful to have a way to link into the content view in the dashboard for each space so that I can save that link as a book...
Ersin almost 2 years ago in Account 0

Reusable Animations - Save custom animations to be used on other builder blocks

It would be great to be able to reuse custom animations on various builder blocks. Perhaps a small button to save, similar to how saving templates works.
Will Simons almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

Quiz Templates

Would love to have a buzzfeed style quiz templates we can use. Each question has it's own sub-page. And each choice has the ability to have a pictured paired / displayed with it. Would be GREAT for holiday gift guide season / sending quizes "which...
Daryll Heiberger almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0


The following user says thank you for
Guest almost 2 years ago in Builder for Developers 0