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Created by Daniel Marcus
Created on Jun 20, 2023

Ability to cherry pick locales to publish (Publish Per Locale)

Similar to how in git you can cherry pick commits, it would be nice to be able to cherry pick which locales would get published for any given content. This would allow different locales to work independently of each other and wouldn't have to wait for changes.

For instance, a company's India team could be finished working on a specific page, while the same company's Canada team might not be ready to publish their changes for another month. This feature request would prevent this delay from happening, since the India team could publish their changes without having to wait a month, in this case.

Allowing each locale to be siloed when it comes to publishing would lead to a much more seamless workflow among different locales.

Here’s an example of 3 CMSs that have this publish per locale feature:

· DatoCMS -

· Hygraph -

· ContentStack -

Additionally, this should also work with environments. I should be able to go from a Builder qa environment and only select locales in the US (en-US and es-US) and move them to the main Builder environment.

Lastly, it should also have the ability to also unpublish per locale, in order to reverse the changes.

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