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Created on Jul 14, 2023

childRequirements for uiBlocks input type

Currently uiBlocks input type accepts any type of built in and custom components from Builder. I would like it to work the same way as childRequirements for custom components with children where you can define list of components that can be used.

What could be the usage for that?
I use uiBlocks as slots for custom components (attached image). This approach gives two benefits:
1. It gives developer full control over the layout of the page
2. It allows Builder's user to edit custom components separately
But without child requirements for uiBlocks it's not fully controllable about "what" you can put in the slots.

Without uiBlocks you would need to define all props at the root level which is not good UX because more custom components = more props and you couldn't click on each component separately to edit it

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