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Created by Nicole Wong
Created on Sep 18, 2023

Ability to categorize/group section models

Currently we have a new feature called folders that only group together content entries. I would like the ability to group together different models. For example, I have a bunch of models I use for a specific page of my site. I would like to group those together so they are easily accessible and organized.

If they aren't grouped, the section model is now just a dump of model names by alphabetical order. It is not clear for our marketing team which parts are editable for a specific page.

E.g. all models related to home page can be grouped into a folder called home page

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  • Daniel Marcus
    Apr 18, 2024

    I was just about to ask a similar question and found this. However, the main use-case for me would be the data models.

    This would be a very useful feature. I would especially love it if it could have subfolders to group things together.

    For example, perhaps I could have a structure like so for data models:

    account (folder) > personal-details (folder) > edit-info-details-model (data model)

    global (folder) > banner (data model)