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Created on Sep 25, 2023

Enhanced API Request Viewing

Detailed Request Logging: It would be incredibly helpful if the system could log all the details of API requests and responses, including headers, parameters, request body, and response body. This would allow users to troubleshoot issues more efficiently.

Request History: Implementing a request history feature that allows users to see a timeline of their API interactions would be highly valuable. This would enable users to quickly reference past requests and responses for reference and debugging purposes.

Search and Filter Options: Provide advanced search and filter options within the API request view. Users should be able to search for specific requests, filter them by date, status code, or other relevant criteria, making it easier to locate and analyse specific interactions.

Request Collections: Allow users to group related API requests into collections or projects. This would help organize and manage API interactions for different tasks or projects, improving overall workflow efficiency.

Export and Share: Enable users to export API request logs and share them with team members or for documentation purposes. This would facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing within teams.

Real-time Monitoring: For users working with real-time APIs, consider adding a feature for live monitoring of API requests, showing updates as they happen. This would be particularly useful for debugging and testing.

Custom Notifications: Allow users to set up custom notifications or alerts based on specific conditions, such as receiving an alert when an API request fails or exceeds a certain response time.

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