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Created on Dec 27, 2023

Built-in support for HREFLANG

HREFLANG being crucial to multilanguage SEO, I would like to see proper support for it in On page level localization:

  1. When you duplicate a page, prompt if this is a localization of the same page.

  2. If yes, prompt for locale of the new page and set the original page as x-default.

  3. Automatically add HREF-LANG tags to the original page and the duplicated page (referencing the original page as x-default and the new page with its locale).

  4. Whenever you duplicate the original page or a duplicated / localized version of it, HREFLANG-tags for the original page and duplicates of it need to be updated with references to the new duplicated / localized version.

I guess there needs to be some sort of editor to handle HREF-LANG tags manually as well.

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