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Categories Visual Editor
Created by Jason Clark
Created on Mar 4, 2024

Make File Content Input not default to Photo

Currently, if you're building a dynamic symbol and add a Content Input of type File, by default it only shows image files to choose from in the Media Library and there's no way (that I can find) to change that default behavior.

The Input should be aware of what file extensions have been selected and show video files if those are the selected extensions.

(A quick note: the Content Input will show non-Photo files as long as you have NO photo file extensions selected. If you have .gif (for instance), that's considered an image type, so it shows Photos only by default. My suggestion would be to make .gif considered NOT just an image type as it is often used for video substitutes (even if GIF is not the best way to do it) so that you can use it in a Content input for video files.)

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