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Created by Jason Clark
Created on Mar 15, 2024

JSON View - either allow for word wrapping or make the JSON View pane able to expand to full screen.

As I've had to work a little more in the JSON View for editing those things that just can't be edited in the Visual Editor, I've felt a lot of pain in how relatively small the JSON View is. I appreciate that typically you want it to not cover your Visual Editor entirely, especially if you're just looking at values. But when you're editing, especially when you're editing things like Image URLs, it is a colossal pain to scroll to where you need to go to make edits.

I believe you guys are using the Monaco Editor for this, so I think it has the ability to provide options to turn word wrap on, but I'm also pretty positive you guys control the size of the JSON View pane, so if you can provide a Maximize button (similar to when you edit in Code in the Rich Text Editor, or Edit CSS + JS) it would be a huge help!

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