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Add a tool to download a list of all my published URLs through

Add a tool to download a list of all my published URLs through I have to currently do it manually for 900 articles. Ridiculous.
Guest 3 days ago in Content List 0

Better image preview

It is often difficult to identify what's what in the content editor, especially with data model content that doesn't have a visual editor. If you have a list of items that each has an image (1), it would be of great value to see that image in the ...
Guest 23 days ago in Content List 0

showIf for Model fields

As mentioned in this forum thread from Feb 2023, it would be super helpful to have 'showIf' or conditional logic for model fields
Guest 30 days ago in Content List 0

Integration with Directus

Headless CMS and Backend API as a service.
Guest 2 months ago in Content List 0

Ask to discard edits on navigating out of the editor

To prevent accidentally leaving unpublished edits to catch the next editor unawares, it would be helpful from a content editing experience point of view to prompt the user if they want to discard unpublished edits when navigating away from the edi...
Guest 4 months ago in Content List 0

bulk edit content items

It would be great to be able to bulk edit content items (e.g. mainly delete) from the main content search screen. For example, I have a bunch of draft content created from working with the figma plugin that i am never going to publish and want to ...
Guest 3 months ago in Content List 0

Keep applied filters/pagination etc when navigating back from a page/data model's edit page

It's very disruptive to have to reapply pagination state when making mass edits to a structured data model for example.
Guest 3 months ago in Content List 0

Ability to add more columns to the list of Pages/Data Models based on the fields available to that model

As the title says. It is handy especially for structured data models to see the content of a few fields (say tags for example) directly in the listing in the content section. Even better if it is dynamically configurable like (or as part of) filters.
Guest 3 months ago in Content List 0

Return to saved view when going "back" from editing a page

Often times I'll search for specific pages (or use a saved view) and then start editing a page. Once I'm done I'll return to the list of pages to update a similar page and have to search or open the saved view again. I'd love to be able to "return...
Guest 7 months ago in Content List 1

Data models should have the ability to be locked down to specified users

Currently, you can only achieve this via custom roles and this is would be a cumbersome process to achieve this idea, as you would need to essentially do the reverse and select all user roles that can have access to specific models. It would be ex...
Daniel Marcus 5 months ago in Content List 0