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Allow a note/message when publishing

When publishing, giving the user the ability to add a note to say what changes have been made (like a commit message) to easily see what changes someone made during a publish. ex. changed url from /test to /test1
Guest 9 days ago in Builder for Developers 0

Global Webhook support to (operation and modelName) properties

I would like to request that Global Webhooks and Model Webhooks have the same payload. Both payloads have common properties which are: newValue and previousValue But model payloads also have `operation` and `modelName`. Would be nice to have these...
Guest about 1 month ago in Builder for Developers 1

Webhook for subscription usage

The idea is to have better control of the builder usage (page views, etc) So would be nice to have: A way to set a threshold to the different usages Fire the event to the webhook when the threshold is exceeded
Guest about 1 month ago in Builder for Developers 0

Return the total amount of items in a model for pagination purposes

It would be great in the Content API, to be able to get the total amount of items in the return of the getAll method. That would allow us to be able to display a very common pagination pattern with numbered pages. At the moment, we do not know if ...
Guest 10 months ago in Builder for Developers 1

Descriptive src urls for Image API

There are SEO benefits to descriptive src urls for images. The image API currently returns an alphanumeric string that is not based on the image title entered in builder. It would be helpful to have the ability to update and edit at least a portio...
Guest 6 months ago in  1

Google Analytics Integration

Instead of having to setup custom events and conversions separately, it'd be great to be able to integrate existing GA4 profiles to pull in custom events, conversions and more information into the insights and use that information for A/B tests. T...
Mat Houchens 2 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Allow developers to customize the Style tab

Allow developers to edit the style tab. Register new inputs for the style tab, such as overflow settings. Hide/remove inputs from the style tab. Rearrange the style tab. Validate inputs with custom rules and design tokens so that a design system i...
Logan about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 1

Ability to schedule updates to the same content entry

Customers often leverage section models to schedule content to publish to their site at a later date. However, when a customer needs to make a scheduled update to said content entry (ex. they want to change a few words in 24 hours) - the content r...
Taylor Miller over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 1

When generating code from figma, I would like the ability to change the path of the images used in the code.

The title is true. Currently, the image is saved as cdn when generating code from layers, I could not change the image references in the code. I would like to be able to change the image path to a local or specified URL or directory.
Guest 24 days ago in Builder for Developers 0

Schedulable blocks

Use-case: our pages stay almost the same the majority of the time. For example, we have a slider, promotions carousel, incentives, categories grid, testimonials, blog posts carousel, etc on our homepage. We rarely change that structure, instead a ...
Guest 24 days ago in Content List 0