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Ability to change the color or style of a single word or phrase in a text block

Right now the only way to change the color of a single word or collection of words, but NOT the entire text block, is through the CSS which is not intuitive for functional users. The only workaround is to bring 2 separate text elements together, s...
Taylor 5 months ago in  0 Shipped

Allow manual update of the JSON content

It would be really useful to allow for the JSON of a page to be updated. I needed to rename some of my components, and the only way to do this in the Visual Editor is to remove and add the component back to the page Need to change these custom-ale...
Alex Patterson 28 days ago in Visual Editor 2 Shipped

Custom feeds returned in the qwik api response

It would be great if the qwik api would return the custom fields of a page in the json response the same way that they are returned in the html api and content api
Vincent Perrin 3 months ago in Builder for Developers 2 Shipped