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Support markdown tables

Currently markdown tables renders as string. Please add support of markdown tables.
Guest about 21 hours ago in Visual Editor 0

Filtering by User Role

Would love to be able to filter users in the list by their internal Builder role: Editor, Designer etc.
Abby Fillon 3 days ago in Account 0

Added User Organization in Account Settings

Would be great to add the ability to folder, filter, and/or organize users based on role, department, or misc. within the main Account Settings list. Ex. Even if you have users that are associated with different Spaces (Ent), they may be a part of...
Taylor Miller 3 days ago in Account 0

Configure default page templates

We would really like to see customizable page templates. For instance, we have a standard header and footer that we'd like added automatically on every page. It'd be more convenient to have this added automatically when a new page is created in ou...
Guest 3 days ago in Builder for Developers 0

Allow aggregation operations: $cond, $ifNull, etc.

I want to query content items using the query syntax but manipulate the set of returned items based on certain conditions. My main use case is that I want to query for a URL path and a custom targeting attribute. If there's a content item for that...
Ersin Akinci 20 days ago in Builder for Developers 0

Ability to choose which basic components and styles are displayed in the UI when creating a page

We have created our own custom button component so that we do not ever want to use the basic button component, but we do use the column component sowe do not want to hide all basic components and styles, just the ones we never want to use
Justin Saeian 6 days ago in Builder for Developers 0

Display the character count for title tags and meta descriptions

Currently it only displays if the count is below the minimum or above the maximum count, but we would like it to be always displayed
Justin Saeian 6 days ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow image fille name to automatically populate alt text description

Would save manual effort and eliminate a step in our process
Justin Saeian 6 days ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow drag and drop into the visual editor for images

Instead of having to upload images to add to pages it would be great to drag and drop within the page itself
Justin Saeian 6 days ago in Visual Editor 0

Make the image field upload use the same media browser as the basic image component, instead of the native file browser

We have found this difference to be frustrating and we prefer the basic image component media browser
Justin Saeian 6 days ago in Visual Editor 0