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Page-specific breakpoints

Custom breakpoints are currently a space/environment setting that applies to all content entries. This presents a problem for us for two reasons: This means that if we are going to change them, then we need to go back and update all existing conte...
Guest 3 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Make all Link text inputs "longText"

This one should be super simple to implement. Sometimes, we can get pretty long URLs with dynamic content. It'd be so nice to be able to see the entire URL at once, so could you PLEASE make the Link URL fields be textareas instead of inputs?
Jason Clark about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 0

JSON diff viewer should have the ability to show the visual changes side by side

It would be really nice if there could be some sort of spotlight on a visual diff viewer to point out which things on the page changed.
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Ability to cherry pick locales to publish (Publish Per Locale)

Similar to how in git you can cherry pick commits, it would be nice to be able to cherry pick which locales would get published for any given content. This would allow different locales to work independently of each other and wouldn't have to wait...
Daniel Marcus 3 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Add published date or last updated date to the Entries tab --> list of entries

When looking at the Entries tab (content model and its associated entries), it's hard to decipher quickly what entry my team was last working on (if there isn't a set naming convention with a date, for ex). Today we can click into each entry and r...
Taylor almost 2 years ago in  0

Support markdown tables

Currently markdown tables renders as string. Please add support of markdown tables.
Guest 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

add includeScheduledContent flag to content API

when a user has scheduled content they want to preview on a site or do some testing on, currently the only way to fetch the content from the content API is to manually include the date as a userAttribute: const targetDate = new Date();targetDate.s...
Tim about 2 months ago in Content List 0

Create a view for running a/b tests

When I am on the full list of content that is in our space, I can see which pages have variants and ongoing a/b tests. I would like to be able to filter those out so I can create a view displaying only pages with live experiments. This will allow ...
Guest 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Rich text editor should be able to reference Builder assets

The rich text editor should be able to reference assets uploaded to Builder. It would also be useful to be able to reference an asset, like a PDF, on the same data model. For instance, let's say a CMS data model has a field for uploaded files and ...
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Color picker should have the ability to easily reference by name, similar to CSS variables

The color picker is currently kind of clunky and hard to remember what color correlates to what. In CSS, you can easily reference a variable, like var(--blue) or var(--light-blue), etc. Similarly, it would be extremely useful to be able to easily ...
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0