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Named Color Swatches

For those of us using design systems, I think it could be really helpful to be able to name color swatches and have those appear as a "title" on hover to make sure we know we're picking the right color.
Jason Clark about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Add support to Rich Text Editor to retain classes and styles added in code view

Currently, the editor strips all classes/styling if content was updated from the WYSIWYG Editor after styling has been applied from source. Please see an example here of this happening:
Anthon Mineo about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 1

Link URL on blocks should be localizable

I attached a screenshot to show what I'm talking about it. You currently can't localize links if you're using the block component, for instance.
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Asset library should have the ability to be separated by environment

Similar to how I might have both a QA and production bucket in S3. Currently, assets are shared across environments. It would be useful to allow them to be separated by environment.
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0

handle blog field // generate slug URL automatically after adding a blog title
Guest almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

Input types for SDKs

Feedback from Tekton: So the first issue I notice when using the and packages is that the Builder class is simply exported without new type definitions or specific React bindings. What I would expect to see...
Korey Kassir almost 2 years ago in Builder for Developers 0

Figma Integration - Import full frames

Customers would love it if we could import full frames. For example - We have a header frame that we could import the nav, hero image, CTA button etc in one go. For now it will only import each element separately which works without any issues - e...
Taylor Miller over 2 years ago in Builder for Developers 0 Already exists

Shopify app for Partytown

It would be amazing to offer the performance boosting benefits of Partytown in one click with a Shopify app The app could allow configuring which scripts to load in Parytown vs not
Steve Sewell over 2 years ago in  0

Integrations with Auth providers

Implementing authentication and authorization using no-code solutions sucks. There are no straightforward ways to implement high-security login/logout with stateful sessions. All the demos out there either rely on relatively insecure approaches (e...
Ersin over 2 years ago in  1

Add a Grid component, similar to the Columns component

For instance, when data binding, a full list of blog articles, you might want two posts per row. Currently, the Columns component isn't equipped to handle this. The only way I've been able to get this to work is if I use: display: grid; grid-templ...
Daniel Marcus 8 months ago in Visual Editor 2