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Layers all stay closed instead of opening all up so everything can been seen each time a page is opened

Hello I have been using builder for a while now, for a specific customer and I love it - especially the speed that you can swap between pages to adjust with a very short lag. However in regards to the Layers panel, is it possible that every-time y...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 2

Fuzzy content search

It'd be great to be able to do a fuzzy search of all content (not as the default search mechanism, but as an advanced search option). Sometimes, we need to find all instances of a certain term to be able to quickly replace them, and this would be ...
Jason Clark 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Integrate with Typeform for lead gen forms

With the Typeform App, we would be able to embed Typeforms directly into Builder pages, aiding lead gen capture efforts. Types of forms: Engagement polls Entertaining quizzes Feedback surveys Order forms Application forms Branding questionnaire Re...
Christal Tossany almost 2 years ago in Builder for Developers 1

Allow in-query case-insensitivity sorting option w/ Content API

Origin: Adam Innes Clients concern is performance having to iterate over each pagination of 100 results and then sort. Currently: builder.getAll returns data and the output is: ["AB", "Aa"] when the desired output is ["Aa", "AB"] Exa...
Julius Dorfman 8 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Allow set px width for columns element

It would be great to have a more robust column width behavior in the style panel for the Builder created Column Element. Setting "n minus 1" columns at fixed px size, with the remaining one as auto, is a very common use case especially in tables. ...
Tim almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

Versioning feature on data model

Right now, we are not able to create versions for data model like we are able to create for page model. So it will be a good feature if we can implement this.
Guest 8 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Deeper indentation levels for bulleted lists

Currently, you can add bulleted lists to text blocks in the Visual Editor, however it only supports one indentation level, like this: this is a list It would be great to be able to do multiple levels, like this: this is a list
Ersin about 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

have setting to sync users across environments

I understand sometimes you want different user permissions for different environments, but some teams actually want the same permissions across environments, and it can be a pain to have to add and update users in multipl places. Would be great if...
Tim 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Add ability to change model names

Would be nice to have ability to change model names after they're created. I can understand why this currently isn't there, since we're probably creating DB entries and API functions underneath, but inability to rename can be confusing. Current wo...
Russell about 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

If/when there's a v3 content API, make saner defaults for refs and symbols

I've been working with refs and symbols a lot and there are two behaviors of the content API that seem strange to me: You have to opt into includeRefs: true and noTraverse: false. The API doesn't recursively evaluate refs (
Ersin over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 2