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Created by Ersin
Created on Dec 1, 2021 generator for boilerplate, workflow and docs

Builder is so flexible and has so many potentially new workflows for devs that it's confusing to know how to get started and how to structure a Builder project. The developer hub page has a "choose your framework" section, which is a good start, but the challenge is more holistic: how do you accomplish your goals with Builder?

What if we created an app/widget/page where users could input their stack and their goals and get back a boilerplate project (if applicable) and a curated/personalized set of docs with recommendations on workflow for their team? is a good example of this concept for web developers who want to generate boilerplate projects tailored to their stack preferences. While is highly-technical, our generator would be usable by anyone:

Example input: I'm a content creator with a Shopify store who wants to create a custom landing page with analytics.
Example output: Demo Builder project connected to demo Shopify store, plus docset showing how to create a landing page using the Builder Shopify app, and how to access analytics dashboards on the insights page.

Example input: I'm an agency developer working with Gatsby instances for headless CMS and I want to give my clients a way to design their own pages.
Example output: Demo Builder project and Gatsby git repo with Builder integration, plus docset showing how to integrate Builder with Gatsby and whitelabel Builder.

Example input: My team of marketers wants to create a blog from scratch with custom 3D visualizations.
Example output: Demo Builder blog project, plus docset showing how to create content in Visual Editor and integrate React components, plus a Calendly link to book a time slot with a Builder rep to match their team with a Builder expert for making a custom React dataviz component.

V1 of the custom generated docset concept would basically be a list of links to our existing docs meant to be followed in order. A kind of mini-course syllabus.

We could also add questions about the user's long-term goals, team size, etc. to get a better profile of people who are interested in Builder.

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