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Created on Nov 1, 2023

Control over resizing algorithm when using Image Delivery API

We would like the ability to choose an alternate resizing algorithm (as you might do in photoshop when performing a downscale). Example options would be Nearest Neighbor, Linear, Bicubic, Lanczos etc.. Ideally we would have the ability to opt in to higher quality scaling algorithms suited to both upscaling and downscaling. I imagine allowing the developer to choose the appropriate algorithm based on an additional query parameter like ?scaling=lanczos when constructing the src URL for images.

Why do we need this? We would like to maintain only the highest quality images in the Asset library, and derive from it all of the versions we need for different contexts in the site. We are aware that canonically this is a job for Cloudinary or some other DAM, but in absence of the ability to spend on such a solution, it would be nice to have this feature to alleviate issues in blurry details when downsizing images. For further context see ticket #6884.

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