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Created on May 21, 2024

Create custom data entries with ai

I really wish had like an ai chat interface to help with creating custom data structures.

Example: URL redirects

As a developer I could on my own set up an openai assistant where I give it 10 old urls, and it asks me where to redirect them, and then the assistant returns a JSON with the new data entries. Over API I could populate that data in

I wish had that ai interface in the GUI because if you have a "URL redirects" data model, each redirect entry takes a really long time to create by hand in the GUI.

Current solution

I could use the upload/content APIs to automate this with code, but filling it in manually is basically just as long as it is to write a custom nodejs script.

Imagined GUI Update

When you open the content list of one of the "structured data models"... Imagine below the last entry or to the right of "New Entry" there is a button, "Create with ai". And then you tell it in english what entries you want to create, optionally with a file upload. You could use the OpenAI assistant's python code running ability, to convert any file upload to a specific JSON format. And use that JSON to make any entry creation call to the api. The user can then see a list of proposed entries to create, and if they look good, the user can then press "create now" to go ahead and create all of them at once.

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