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The locale picker should have flags associated with each country and human-readable name

For example, "en-US" is less readable to a non-developer than "🇺🇸 United States (English)". It would be nice for the locale picker to at least have the option the display it like this.
Daniel Marcus 30 days ago in Visual Editor 0

Preview URL should be able to take in a value, like an object mapping locales to the URL format

For instance, say one were to use the URL format of, this would mean that the site is localized to follow the format of /{country}/{language}. This means that for each page or section model, you have to duplicate your code of thi...
Daniel Marcus about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 0

Specify targeting on a component level

I would like to be able to target on a component level instead of on a page level. This would give a lot more flexibility without having to maintain two, almost identical, pages. For example, if we apply translation for most of a page, but a speci...
Roeland Oosterloo about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 1

Ability to lock content for editing at any given moment

A locked for editing feature would be useful to add to Builder. Here's an example of CMSs that utilize this feature:
Daniel Marcus about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 0

Text type built-in Builder component should be able to accept a file as a link

If I were making a custom component, then I could create a prop that accepts a file as custom field. Similarly, I would like the built-in Builder text component to accept a file.
Daniel Marcus about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 0

Make all Link text inputs "longText"

This one should be super simple to implement. Sometimes, we can get pretty long URLs with dynamic content. It'd be so nice to be able to see the entire URL at once, so could you PLEASE make the Link URL fields be textareas instead of inputs?
Jason Clark about 1 month ago in Visual Editor 0

JSON diff viewer should have the ability to show the visual changes side by side

It would be really nice if there could be some sort of spotlight on a visual diff viewer to point out which things on the page changed.
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Video Closed Captioning

In order to be ADA compliant, there needs to be an ability to add a closed caption file to videos or a way to have auto generated CC's similar to other video hosting websites.
Guest about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Color picker should have the ability to easily reference by name, similar to CSS variables

The color picker is currently kind of clunky and hard to remember what color correlates to what. In CSS, you can easily reference a variable, like var(--blue) or var(--light-blue), etc. Similarly, it would be extremely useful to be able to easily ...
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Ability for view current draft to live across the entire site according to that snapshot

Similar to how JAMStack deployment services Vercel, Cloudflare Pages, Netflify, etc., have preview deployments on pushes to branches on Github. Preview deployments allow the ability for QA to just test a snapshot of a specific branch that could be...
Daniel Marcus about 2 months ago in Visual Editor 0