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Created on May 15, 2024

Geocoordinate Data Type in Visual Editor (Map-based data)

All of my mobile apps include maps and points of interest. In order to include those in the CMS, there needs to be a way of entering geopoints, geocoordinates or whatever you would like to call them. From what I can see, the best I can currently do is force my content creators (who are not technical staff) to find latitude and longitude on Google Maps and then copy and paste the results into numerical fields in Builder. Clearly, this is not user-friendly and it's impossible to debug without copying and pasting back again. Unfortunately, because I like a lot about it, I cannot use Builder without a better way to enter geocoordinates.

A geocoordinate data type would use two double precision floating point values (lat & lon) internally but, when entering content, would have a real-time leaflet-style map so that the user can select the point on the map. This would also allow simple sanity checks on data. I've attached a screenshot of how the data type would look.

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