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Better color and spacing selection support

We want to make it easy for our CMS users to follow their own design system - which exists in both outside and inside the scope of Builder - but without completely constraining them to it. Our clients have complex design systems with needs that ar...
Krisztina Vajda Rygård 6 months ago in Visual Editor 18 Shipped

Custom colors in color picker

From customer: Is there a way of loading global colours into the colour picker so it's saved and in the default view? Ideally where design tokens can be passed into a project space to set global tokens for the project space? Current state, custome...
Taylor Miller over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 4 Shipped

Add Bulk Actions

It would be great to have bulk actions available on the entries of the models in order to apply the same action multiple times or quickly update an entry without open the editor. Some useful bulk action: Edit the status (publish/unpublish/Archive/...
Marisa Monaco about 2 years ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Dark mode

Add a Dark mode for the Builder editor, and a way to toggle it on/off
Sami over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Image Library

Allow users to view all uploaded images in an Image Library
Logan over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 2 Shipped

There needs to be a way to manage PDF assets similar to manage images and videos

Currently if you upload PDF documents there is no way to view them again, so that you can see what PDFs have already been uploaded or manage them, this leads to the same PDF being uploaded multiple times just to get the URL by our content authors.
Guest about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Adding localisation to Link URL

It would make sense that for "basics" components the general link URL can also have localisation
Guest about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0 Shipped

Improve discoverability of code components

It's hard to determine what custom component to pick. Utilizing folder hierarchies or thumbnails for the component could help improve on the decision making process there.
Guest over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 1 Shipped

Link URL on blocks should be localizable

I attached a screenshot to show what I'm talking about it. You currently can't localize links if you're using the block component, for instance.
Daniel Marcus 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0 Shipped

Name added to title on tabs

Instead of every tab showing Drag and drop page builder and CMS Have it instead show the name of the page that you are editing. It is a small thing but if you have 4 tabs open it could really help.
Guest over 2 years ago in Visual Editor 3 Shipped