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Copy to Different Space should copy associated Symbols

First, the Copy to a Different Space functionality is really nice to have so I don't have to download/upload JSON, but it'd be even BETTER, if it would either ask or automatically copy any associated Symbols too. I know that may be a huge lift, bu...
Jason Clark 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow naming of Connected Data items

When connecting Data from Builder CMS Data Models (using Connect Data in the Data tab in the Visual Editor), the names are automatically generated using the name of the Data Model and then appending an incrementing digit (i.e. Pricing, Pricing 1, ...
Jason Clark 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Ability to setup colors from Application code

Would be nice to have a way to setup colors to be used in Builder Editor, from the application code. Like we register Custom Components to be used, we should be able to setup Custom Colors in the same way. This would enforce usage of pre-defined c...
Adrian Mouly 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Option to disable/configure default margins, paddings, heights and widths

99.9999% of the time, when I add a new block, I delete the default 20px top margin. I also delete the 30px bottom padding, 200px width and 200px height that sometimes get added to my blocks. Having an option to configure the default margin/padding...
Ersin Akinci 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Custom Targeting: Allow for Boolean Logic in Symbols

This is potentially an edge case, but I just had a need for it arise, so I thought I'd submit it. What I'd like to see is the ability to exclude targeting parameters like URL Path. Example: I have a Section (an Announcement Bar) that I'd like to s...
Jason Clark 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Builder relative links should account for locale in URL

While Builder automatically redirects relative links, it would be much more ideal for the native Builder relative links in both the text component and rich text editor to account for locale. For instance, if you have a url structure of https://mys...
Daniel Marcus 11 months ago in Visual Editor 1

Add dashboard/visual editor localizations for Chinese and Spanish

This could be a dealbreaker for us, since we have teams all over the world. Builder is nearly perfect other than this!
Guest 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Page-specific breakpoints

Custom breakpoints are currently a space/environment setting that applies to all content entries. This presents a problem for us for two reasons: This means that if we are going to change them, then we need to go back and update all existing conte...
Guest 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Fuzzy content search

It'd be great to be able to do a fuzzy search of all content (not as the default search mechanism, but as an advanced search option). Sometimes, we need to find all instances of a certain term to be able to quickly replace them, and this would be ...
Jason Clark 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Prevent url path collisions

Block publishing pages with the same target attributes. If there is already a page with exact same target attributes editor shouldn't let content editors publish the page. For example only if only Url target attribute is present and another page w...
Jakub Jablonski 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0