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Display the character count for title tags and meta descriptions

Currently it only displays if the count is below the minimum or above the maximum count, but we would like it to be always displayed
Justin Saeian 4 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow image fille name to automatically populate alt text description

Would save manual effort and eliminate a step in our process
Justin Saeian 4 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Make the image field upload use the same media browser as the basic image component, instead of the native file browser

We have found this difference to be frustrating and we prefer the basic image component media browser
Justin Saeian 4 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Support removal of headings options in text editor

Users frequently apply h1, h2, etc heading in their content, thereby breaking SEO by creating duplicate headings on the page. No amount of training or explanation removes this risk. Ideally, admins would be able to completely remove the option for...
Guest 4 months ago in Visual Editor 0

add ability to organize / sort the targeting values

I have added a bunch of locales and targeting values to test out some features, and now that we are ready to ship, it would be great if we could re-organize or edit the order of our targeting values. Ideally you could even sort or filter in the UI...
Tim 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

allow deletion of models and / or entries

currently i cannot see a way to delete an entire model. i should be able to delete it if i want. there is also no easy way to delete entires. the only way i can see, is to open each entry individually and delete it - which is too time-consuming
Guest 5 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Bug: incorrect casing / caps lock in Data model text input for fields

try creating a custom field for a data model, called URL (as per the tutorial) if you type something in all-caps, the input's text is in SpOnGeBoB cAsInG
Guest 6 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Activate style tab by default when user clicks on an element

When I click on an element in the editor, the style tab should be activated by default. When I deselect the element, the add tab should be active instead.
Guest 7 months ago in  0

Remove symbols and make "master template" a toggle instead

Symbols are just a toggle for a template. They are creating product debt and are unnecessary. Users need to learn one more thing called "Symbols." I suggest removing symbols and creating a new configuration for templates: "Sync changes," or someth...
Guest 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Customize Symbol root element

I'd like to be able to style the root element of a Symbol. For example, if I have a CSS grid, I'd like to be able to specify that a Sidebar Symbol's root element has grid-column: sidebar-start / start-end. Adding an element within the Symbol and g...
Guest 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0