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Configure default page templates

We would really like to see customizable page templates. For instance, we have a standard header and footer that we'd like added automatically on every page. It'd be more convenient to have this added automatically when a new page is created in ou...
Guest over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

Ability to choose which basic components and styles are displayed in the UI when creating a page

We have created our own custom button component so that we do not ever want to use the basic button component, but we do use the column component sowe do not want to hide all basic components and styles, just the ones we never want to use
Justin Saeian over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

Data models should have the ability to be locked down to specified users

Currently, you can only achieve this via custom roles and this is would be a cumbersome process to achieve this idea, as you would need to essentially do the reverse and select all user roles that can have access to specific models. It would be ex...
Daniel Marcus 9 months ago in Content List 0

Asset library should have the ability to define permissions per file

It would be extremely useful to have the ability for the asset manager to define permissions per file in order to restrict who can and can't view a file
Daniel Marcus 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Page Modal - option to lock layers

Currently it is only possible to lock layers manually after an entry has been created. Since our marketing team will be using custom components to build pages, it would be beneficial to be able to lock layers on page modal level to avoid a team me...
Guest 9 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Add support for targeting on integers

Targeting on an integer isn't supported. The only work around is to use the string type and wrap the integer in quotes. Additional points for allowing the use of less and greater than, for example, `accountAgeInYears > 3`
Josh Mahony about 2 years ago in Builder for Developers 0

Easier way to bulk update and/or upload content

We are using for a knowledge database in app and creating content in the structured data models is so time consuming. I wish there was a way to bulk upload with a csv or bulk update text fields not through an API.
tess baldwin 9 months ago in  0

Be able to hide/remove the "Inline text editing" toggle

We get quite a few requests from our clients to hide the option for "Inline text editing" provided by Builder.
Guest 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Publish all symbols on page before page can be published

It would be great to have a way to ensure that symbols on a page are all published before the page itself can be published, so that the page isn’t missing anything when it goes live. This could appear as a warning message ("This page has unpublish...
Alex Pieros 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Prevent “px” from being added to numbers in custom css properties

Most numeric custom css rules that we apply are `font-weight`, `order`, etc. We want a way to prevent the editor from adding the “px” suffix to these on every change.
Guest 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0