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Created by Kapunahele
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Alt text on image to wrap in Builder UI

When adding alt text to an image, it would be nice to wrap it because currently, if you go over ~40 chars the words stay behind the four-dot bind-to-data icon and itʻs hard to see what youʻre typing. An alternative to wrapping might be that at 40-ish chars that binding moves up and out of the way. I use the alt text feature every day and this would be such a helpful enhancement.

Iʻve attached a picture, which might help.

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  • Kapunahele
    Mar 22, 2022

    Oh, this happens on links too. Maybe more of a styling thing with the binding icon rather than the alt-text (but it would still be great to have wrapping on the alt text).