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Add dashboard/visual editor localizations for Chinese and Spanish

This could be a dealbreaker for us, since we have teams all over the world. Builder is nearly perfect other than this!
Guest 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Fuzzy content search

It'd be great to be able to do a fuzzy search of all content (not as the default search mechanism, but as an advanced search option). Sometimes, we need to find all instances of a certain term to be able to quickly replace them, and this would be ...
Jason Clark 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow in-query case-insensitivity sorting option w/ Content API

Origin: Adam Innes Clients concern is performance having to iterate over each pagination of 100 results and then sort. Currently: builder.getAll returns data and the output is: ["AB", "Aa"] when the desired output is ["Aa", "AB"] Exa...
Julius Dorfman 11 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Design tokens

More ways to create tokens and reusable styles in the visual editor
Steve Sewell almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 1

Versioning feature on data model

Right now, we are not able to create versions for data model like we are able to create for page model. So it will be a good feature if we can implement this.
Guest 11 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

have setting to sync users across environments

I understand sometimes you want different user permissions for different environments, but some teams actually want the same permissions across environments, and it can be a pain to have to add and update users in multipl places. Would be great if...
Tim 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow download of heatmap as PDF or image that can be exported and shared

Would be great to be able to download a PDF or image file of heatmaps for various pages to share with stakeholders across the company
Tim almost 2 years ago in Visual Editor 0

Template management system with builder io (category/personalized)

Hello team, with requiremnt going more personalized and category specific for ecommerce, search/ product detail page requires to show differently when given context of category or personalization of segement. I would like to see how can we create ...
Guest 11 months ago in  0

View size of blocks/content

We have gotten errors when trying to publish pages due to "size of the page/content". However we currently have no way to see the size of each block to know what is bogging down the page.
Guest 11 months ago in Visual Editor 0

component-specific permissions

For many of the customers where we want to implement, there is an expectation that it is possible to give editing permissions to individual elements in components. For example, we have a hero banner in which a person with certain permis...
Guest 12 months ago in Visual Editor 0