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Created by Will Simons
Created on Apr 11, 2022

Better Developer Documentation

It is frustrating navigating the developer documentation. In our case, specifically for React custom components. Generally, the docs are hard to navigate and seem to change depending on the page.

This is definitely one of the biggest frustrations for our team.

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  • Kapunahele
    Jul 15, 2022

    Hi Will! Thanks for your feedback and insights. We've just updated the custom components docs with a new section in the nav to make the info easier to get to, including a doc dedicated to registering custom components (with a React tab) and a doc on custom components that accept blocks (also with a React tab). We are currently adding more tabs throughout these docs, so if you have any more thoughts, let us know what you think! 🌸

  • Admin
    Steve Sewell
    May 15, 2022

    Thanks for the feedback Will!

    We are heads down focused heavily on documentation as we speak. We've overhauled our main developer docs, our integration docs (e.g. for page building) and I have a PR open now for full reference documentation for registerComponent options, GetContentOptions, <BuilderComponent /> props, and <BuilderContent /> props, all generated from the jsdoc in source as you suggested.

    We are also completing a major overhaul of our SDKs (our 2.0 SDKs) which comes with a hugely improved documentation infrastructure, so stay tuned for that as well which should improve the quality of our docs significantly as well

    Any added feedback you have is always welcome

  • Will Simons
    Apr 11, 2022

    Additionally, they fully document the methods available on their global app instance. It would be great to have full documentation for Builder.registerComponent available in an easily navigable way.

    Another way that I have learned about what is available is to navigate the source code on Github. It is easier to navigate there than the documentation. Perhaps y'all could take a look at documenting your source code, then creating the developer documentation on your site from there. Thanks!