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Add a singleton global data model

Right now it's impossible to add a one-off global data model. An example where this could be useful is something like a highlight article. You could create a model that references an article. This model should only have one entry. Right now you co...
Guest 2 months ago in  0

Add ability to have multiple defaults on the locale picker, like say default languages

Especially in situations where you're dealing with locales that have both country and language like: en-US, es-US, en-CA, fr-CA, en-MX, etc., it could be useful to have an option for default languages set, like: en, es, fr, etc. This way it can ha...
Daniel Marcus 2 months ago in Content List 0

Rich text editor should have the ability to add videos and embed from external sources, like YouTube, X, etc. too

It would be nice for the rich text editor to be able to directly embed a video. It would also be nice for it be able to embed from a 3rd-party source like YouTube, X, etc.
Daniel Marcus 2 months ago in Content List 0

Use alternate global CSS files

Our developer wants to use React-Bootstrap instead of Tailwind for style building. I suspect many other devs will want to use their own style kits. If allowed alternative stylesheets that would be awesome! I understand that these would ...
Guest 2 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Sort Content List (Section Model) By Title

We have a section model called Product Details Tab which is conditionally rendered by the ProductType we pass to the Section Model. Given that there are multiple product types, the Content Entries List has gotten a little cluttered. It appears the...
Landon Spell 2 months ago in Content List 0

Make File Content Input not default to Photo

Currently, if you're building a dynamic symbol and add a Content Input of type File, by default it only shows image files to choose from in the Media Library and there's no way (that I can find) to change that default behavior. The Input should be...
Jason Clark 3 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Add a tool to download a list of all my published URLs through

Add a tool to download a list of all my published URLs through I have to currently do it manually for 900 articles. Ridiculous.
Guest 3 months ago in Content List 0

Generate typescript defintion files

Builder should be able to automatically generate typescript defintions for model. This would greatly increase the DX when using Builder, and could probably done pretty easy. I dont have any code examples currently, but for brevity a builder.get("e...
Guest 3 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Support defineProps for TS in vue 3 sdk

Currently you can support standard non typed versions of defineProps, such as defineProps(['prop1', 'prop2']) <-- supported in builder sdk in typescript, you would define them as defineProps<{ prop1: string, prop2: number }>() <-- not ...
Guest 3 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Hygraph plugin

Hygraph is an amazing CMS with federated content. It would be awesome for Builder to have a Hygraph plugin to be able to traverse as a data source on the Builder drag-and-drop visual editor. Builder's competitor, Plasmic, currently has a Hygraph p...
Daniel Marcus 3 months ago in Visual Editor 0