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Algolia Plugin

When there is a plugin that uses a webhook like Algolia. If you change any part of the configuration, allow the user to see all of the webhooks that exist and delete any of the existing ones. Or place directions on how to access them within a model.
Alex Patterson 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Refine Visual Editor for iPad

Many of our users enjoy using an iPad to complete tasks on Builder. Some of the UI is difficult to use on a touchscreen, and could be refined to be a great user experience on tablets!
Logan 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Live character counter when setting the Alt Text in the Editor

Setting the alt text for an image has the text running over the icon to the right. It would be more intuitive to set a limit here or showcase if a limit did exist with a character counter.
Taylor Miller 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Provide support for 3rd party graphql sources, such as Hasura

Provider graphql editor that understands graphql schema loaded from url source and allows binding of results or fields with autocomplete
John Walsh 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Multiple choice custom fields

It would be great to add multiple choice in enums of text field or create a separate built-in field type. Also addig multiple references in Reference field type would be great.
Sandor Kiss 9 months ago in Visual Editor 5

Add alpha to hex codes in color picker

It'd be helpful if we had alpha incorporated into the hex code field on the color picker like does (see screenshot).
Kapunahele 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Animate on Scroll

In the Animation tab, add the option to animate an item while the browser window is scrolled.
Logan 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow links to be opened in new tabs

Within the Builder visual editor & app, none of the links can be opened in new tabs. It would be practical to enable that.
Sami 9 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Allow any case for model properties, not just camelcase

Example:I am trying to type photoURL but it camelcases to photoUrL. I was hoping to get it lined up with my current code.
Alex Patterson 10 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Change button copy in edit modal to close or save rather than Edit Styles.

Currently, the Edit Styles button in the Edit modal seems like it should just close and save changes, or possibly change the modal to feature styles. Instead, it closes and it took me a few times of doing it to realize the style tab opened over on...
Kapunahele 10 months ago in Visual Editor 1