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Ability to setup colors from Application code

Would be nice to have a way to setup colors to be used in Builder Editor, from the application code. Like we register Custom Components to be used, we should be able to setup Custom Colors in the same way. This would enforce usage of pre-defined c...
Adrian Mouly 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0

GraphQL mutations

It would be nice for Builder to support GraphQL mutations for the write API, for instance.
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Content Federation (marrying multiple distinct APIs without duplicating content)

Content Federation is a concept that marries multiple distinct APIs without having to duplicate the content. This would nice to be built into Builder.
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Option to disable/configure default margins, paddings, heights and widths

99.9999% of the time, when I add a new block, I delete the default 20px top margin. I also delete the 30px bottom padding, 200px width and 200px height that sometimes get added to my blocks. Having an option to configure the default margin/padding...
Ersin Akinci 7 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Ability to self-host data models

Similar to Strapi, it would be nice to be able to self-host the data models.
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Ability to have complex data model relationships, like ORMs

It would be nice to have the ability to do complex relationships, which exist in ORMs, such as: One-to-one One-to-Many Many-to-Many One-Way Many-way Polymorphic Inverse
Daniel Marcus 7 months ago in Builder for Developers 1

childRequirements for uiBlocks input type

Currently uiBlocks input type accepts any type of built in and custom components from Builder. I would like it to work the same way as childRequirements for custom components with children where you can define list of components that can be used. ...
Guest 7 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Custom Targeting: Allow for Boolean Logic in Symbols

This is potentially an edge case, but I just had a need for it arise, so I thought I'd submit it. What I'd like to see is the ability to exclude targeting parameters like URL Path. Example: I have a Section (an Announcement Bar) that I'd like to s...
Jason Clark 8 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Builder links should account for locale in URL

While Builder automatically redirects links, it would be much more ideal for the native Builder links in both the text component and rich text editor to account for locale. For instance, if you have a url structure of, t...
Daniel Marcus 8 months ago in Visual Editor 1

Change / Add styles to predefined Compontents

Sometimes you dont want to create a new Component or override and existing one, you only want to add some addtional styles to the "Basic Components" for example, you could add a margin-bottom: ... to the "Text Component"
Noah Wallentin 8 months ago in Builder for Developers 0