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Email Validation At the point of capture

How about doing an email verification check in the forms/landing pages of This will help with quality lead flow at the point of capture & avoiding disposable, spam-traps & fake contacts. Clearout JavaScript integration could be...
Guest about 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

Insights Tab Expansion - Analysis by Visit Type

An expanded Insights tab and expanded information from the heatmap feature. It would be interesting to see insights by different customer types/visits (example: how did new customers interact with the content, how did Paid customers interact with ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Type dropdown in alphabetical order

I have a hard time finding the right type from a list. It would be nice to have it in alphabetical order instead of most commonly used.
Alex Patterson about 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Conversion of PDF to Html inside Page builder

If a user uploads the PDF file then there is an option inside to convert it to the HTML and change further
Guest over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

make Edit element popup dismissable

At times when I am editing elements they will stack closely and the edit popup of the element will block some of the pull tabs to adjust an element's padding, margin, height, etc I know I can edit those directly in they Style tab UI, but it would ...
Tim over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Customize symbol options in Editor

Customers want the ability to allow for only certain customized symbols to be used by end users, and not always all of the symbols created by the team. To be able to select which symbols individuals have access to from within the editor helps to a...
Taylor Miller over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Add ability to order data model query by published date

Currently, the Builder query UI has the option to query your data model by custom field. Would be good to add support for other properties, such as published date, that Builder already collects by default for content entries.
AJ over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

Add rich text field type to data models

Add a field type for rich text in data models like Contentful has. This can be very helpful for language translations when for example a word in a paragraph needs to be bolded in English but in another language the translation is two words or more...
AJ over 1 year ago in Builder for Developers 0

I would love it if I didnt have to go and refetch the default url for the builder

not really an idea but a great improvement of the builder. Every time I open it I have to go and reset my default url. would be nice if this was not the case especially because creating a fresh project doesnt help :) also would like a improved ove...
Guest over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0

Notion-style editing

An editing mode like in Notion or Medium, that is more text-oriented, would be really nice for creating things like blog posts, docs, etc
Steve Sewell over 1 year ago in Visual Editor 0