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Headless landing pages for Shopify stores

Fsat landing pages imrove your conversion rate and as a result your paid media (FB and TikTok) results. We need to be able to create super fast landing page for paid media campaigns.
Guest 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Bulk Publish Pages

When migrating thousands of blog pages from another platform into Builder, it would be helpful if we could Select and Publish more than one page at a time.
Guest 5 months ago in Account 1

When editing white text, it would be great to see text in rich text editor

Building pages, I often have white text over a color or image background. When I am editing the text in the rich text editor if it is white, I am unable to see what the text looks like. It would be great to have some visual change in the RTE to ma...
Tim 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Integration woocommerce and ecwid

No description provided
Guest 5 months ago in  0

Add ability to change model names

Would be nice to have ability to change model names after they're created. I can understand why this currently isn't there, since we're probably creating DB entries and API functions underneath, but inability to rename can be confusing. Current wo...
Russell 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

pull custom actions from state/context into edit action UI

It would be great if there is a way to allow a UI designer to reference custom actions defined in state data to be passed to a custom component via a binding instead of having to use the custom code action editor. E.G. Using the multi-page funnel ...
Tim 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Algolia Plugin

When there is a plugin that uses a webhook like Algolia. If you change any part of the configuration, allow the user to see all of the webhooks that exist and delete any of the existing ones. Or place directions on how to access them within a model.
Alex Patterson 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Duplicate from list view

Have the ability to duplicate model instances from the list view in addition to only being able to unpublish and archive.
Zach Bresler 5 months ago in Builder for Developers 0

Make p value for statistical significance be editable within dashboard

AB Testing is an important step towards optimizing content and conversions on any site, though sometimes with high traffic pages, it's difficult to make statistical signifance at the benchmark standard %95 to define a winner (Builder's default). M...
Taylor Miller 5 months ago in Visual Editor 0

Save template of custom field

Would be great if you make a custom field, like an enum for eg: Environment: DEV, PROD or Locale: EN, DE, FR etc, and you would like to reuse this custom field in many of your custom models, and you could add this easily like a simple Text or any ...
Guest 5 months ago in Builder for Developers 0